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Children in Classroom

Our ambition is bold: to find a treatment for PPP3CA gene mutations and change the lives of children around the world.

The Foundation & Our Community

Resources for Families & Medical Professionals

Current Research, Meet the Researchers & Get Involved

There will be a treatment and a cure for PPP3CA - the only question is "How soon?"

Science will find a cure. Our kids are waiting. Join us on the journey.

We are the only place exclusively dedicated to PPP3CA.

We serve two communities: parents whose children have been diagnosed with the mutation and the medical community caring for our children and researching the mutation. Together, we are working toward treatments and a cure. Together, we will change the lives for our children living with mutations in the PPP3CA gene.

Help Our Cause

Your Donation Makes a Difference


The PPP3CA Hope Foundation is a parent-led non-profit with the mission to raise awareness, provide support for families impacted by the PPP3CA variant, and promote and fund research directed towards a cure for individuals with PPP3CA variants.


We are dedicated to researching and better understanding the PPP3CA gene, supporting our children and families affected by this genetic mutation and changing the world.


Your gift will help us as we research the PPP3CA gene, which was discovered in 2017. The PPP3CA Hope Foundation is working with researchers to better characterize the gene in hopes to shed light on potential treatments for our children and beyond.


Your gift will change the lives of children and families around the world.

Give Hope: PPP3A Hope Foundation

Rare is many. Rare is strong. Rare is proud.

Rare Disease Day

Hide and Seek

Join us on the journey.

Science will find a cure. Our kids are waiting.

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