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The Foundation

PPP3CA Hope Foundation is a parent-led non-profit with the mission to raise awareness, provide support for families impacted by mutations in the PPP3CA gene and promote and fund research directed towards a cure for individuals with PPP3CA variants.


There is no emotion or thought you are experiencing as a parent of a diagnosed child that we have not felt and thought. And we agree: “No one gets it!” But we do. And together we can help each other.

The Founders

Jared Lubel

Jared lives in New York with his wife Andrea, daughter Penelope, and their son Griffin. Jared has an irreverent sense of humor and is obsessed with finding a treatment that will improve the quality of his baby's life.

What Jared wants every PPP3CA parent to know: Through this adversity, you will find strength you did not know you had.

Favorite Quote: "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."

-Mike Tyson

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Larisa Collins


Larisa lives in MA with her husband, daughter and very energetic lab. Larisa works in biotech and leads clinical trials. She is passionate and driven in using her professional knowledge to find a treatment for patients with PPP3CA variants. Larisa enjoys cooking, traveling, skiing, long walks on the beach, boat rides and spending time and creating memories with her family.

What Larisa wants every PPP3CA parent to know: Life will look different than you once imagined, and it's okay to grieve that loss. It may not feel like it right now, but you will find joy again. Don't lose hope.

Favorite Quote: "I see your pain, and it's big. I also see your courage, and it's bigger." -Glennon Doyle

Blaire Waterman


Blaire is a therapist who lives in Whichita, KS with her husband and two daughters. Blaire enjoys riding horses, drinking wine, trying new restaurants, terrible reality TV, movies, Beyonce, spending time with family, and MOST OF ALL, bringing people together.

What Blaire wants every PPP3CA parent to know: Always trust your gut!

Favorite Quote: "The grass is greener where you water it!"

Dana & Adam Furman

Dana and Adam live in Arizona with their three daughters.  Dana is an attorney and Adam is a technology entrepreneur.  In between caring for Ariella and managing her needs, Dana and Adam love hiking, traveling, entertaining, celebrating life and building memories with their family and friends.

What every PPP3CA parent should know: You are not alone.

Favorite Quote: "This too shall pass."



What Meagan wants every PPP3CA parent to know: You're not alone! When you have the energy, work towards connecting with other parents in similar situations. It takes a village.

Favorite Quote: "I can't reconcile the way that the world is jolted by events that are wonderful and terrible, the gorgeous and the tragic. Except that I am beginning to believe that these opposites do not cancel each other out...Joy persists somehow...Life is so beautiful. Life is so hard." -Kate Bowler

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